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A Visit to Jakarta Taipei School

The visit of oversea Taiwan school is hosted by the Office of Teacher Education and Career Service. The 2019 pre-service teachers' visit was organized by Assistant Professor Kao Sung Ching. Two students, one from the Department of Civic Education and Leadership and another from Department of Social Education were sent to Jakarta, Indonesia for a two-week visit. 
During their stay, they noticed that the students come from different background and communicate in Chinese, English and Indonesian. The students love to exercise during breaks, which is totally different from students in Taiwan. They also thinks that students here are more independent. For example, 11th grade students are responsible for the game activity held out of the campus, including the design of games, the venue, and the prizes, which are impressive. 
The teachers in Jakarta Taipei School are eager in looking for new courses and teaching methods. They are passionate about teaching. Although there's no special teacher in Jakarta Taipei School, many teachers have shown the spirit of special education in class. It happened to be the time of Presidential election in Indonesia when the pre-service teachers went to Indonesia. Therefore, the teacher of civil education also taught presidential election and the issue of migrant workers in other countries.  The pre-service teachers observe the classes and discussed about it after classes, which would generate some ideas and creative thinking about teaching. On the last day of the visit, Principal Chen talked to the pre-service teachers and encouraged them. He wants them to have confidence, and prepare for the lesson. Don't forget your initial believes and stick to the path of education