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MOU signed by NTNU and NUS for Scientific Research

On March 14th, NTNU and the Institute for Application of Learning Science and Educational Technology(ALSET) of National University of Singapore signed an MOU at NUS, for the cooperation between the two universities on science research. Dean Tsai Chin-Chung of the Program of Learning Sciences said that this is our first step but also a very important one for the two universities. He hopes that the MOU will be the foundation of a platform for students and teachers to share and cooperate.

Prof. Robert Kamei, NUS Associate Provost and one of the founders of ALSET, stated that NTNU is the leading university of education in the world. This partnership is an important step for NUS, as they are working on becoming a regional learning and science research center. The representatives have signed the MOU at NUS and shared some thoughts. NTNU representatives come from Institute for Research Excellence in Learning Science and Program of Learning Sciences and the counterparts from NUS are from ALSET.

Head of Academic Affairs Chen Chao Chen and NUS Senior Vice Provost Bernard Tan attended the MOU signing ceremony. After discussion, the representatives found out several opportunities to cooperate. For example, both universities conducted some studies about the relation between students' performance at school and at workplace. By analyzing the two studies, researchers can gain more insight on this issue.